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China condemns US solar ruling更多>>
The Master-of-Nets Garden will provide Pingtan performances -- a kind of storytelling and ballad singing in the Suzhou dialect -- from Feb 1-4 between 9:30 -11:30 am and 1:00 - 4:00 pm each day. 2020-10-1
Wearable devices, Google Fit for personal health, Google Auto for connected cars and Google TV were the favorites among Chinese developers here to explore and learn. 2020-10-13
In fact, when Chinese people saw the recent trailer for the upcoming Hollywood film Les Miserables, which is adapted from the well-known stage musical of the same name, many sighed: How can they manage to find so many beautiful actors and actresses who can sing and act so well?Producers at United Asia Live Entertainment Co Ltd in Shanghai asked the same question while attempting to produce a Chinese-language version of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Cats earlier this year - and the answer is crucial to the development of the musical theater industry in China. 2020-10-19
It added that the visit was a direct provocation both to the neighboring countries that suffered from Japans past imperialist aggression and to the international community. 2020-10-7
The Hebei government shortened the time to three days, while the Beijing has encouraged residents to restrain themselves, in order to enjoy better air quality and blue skies. 2020-10-5
[Photo/VCG]This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of BRICS. 2020-10-12
It has threatened to target Russias key sectors like energy, banking and mining in response to its further moves. 2020-10-5
When the agreement is fully implemented, 96 percent of Australian goods will be duty free, so are 100 percent of Chinese exports to Australia. 2020-10-14
Antibiotic misuse common in U.S. hospitals更多>>
Neighbors living near the zoo complain that square dancing is always accompanied by loud music and some seniors singing the chorus in the center of the zoo, which may clearly disturb people. 2020-10-17
A health worker sprays disinfectant at a shelter center for people affected by the earthquake in Zhangxian county, Gansu province, July 24, 2013. 2020-10-22
It hit the highest level against the dollar in nearly four months, while both the onshore and offshore spot rates reached a 16-month high. 2018-8-27
Both will be made into national parks, along with Namco Lake and the holy mountain in Ali prefecture. 2016-1-21
The government has vowed to create 85 million jobs in urban and rural areas between 2012 and 2015 while holding the jobless rate under 5 percent. 2019-9-3
A Maserati limousine worth 2. 2019-11-3
[Photo by Shi Jianxue/ Asianewsphoto]. 2019-9-10
Chinese and Vietnamese experts will inspect the terrain and geological conditions outside the mouth of the Beibu Gulf. 2015-8-24
I think choosing a fabric is also a part of design for independent designers.
He urged the EU to rethink about its relations with Russia.
3-magnitude earthquake hit Qingchuan county at noon on May 14.
4 million people have applied for government jobs and are sitting the annual national public servant exam on Sunday.
The tribunal lasted for more than two and a half years, with the court sentencing Tojo and six other criminals to death.
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Chinas Internet TV market is expected to reach .  Chinese in Iraq fear violenceAt least 15 Chinese companies are operating in Iraq, most of them in the energy, construction and telecommunications sectors, employing more than 10,000 Chinese workers, government figures show.
China has invested more than  billion in the programs related to the initiative and has won the support of over 100 countries and international organizations-more than 40 have signed cooperation agreements with China.  Adult migrant workers tend to rely on schoolteachers to educate and supervise their children, which greatly increases the schools burden, Huang Xinmin, principal of Fanghua School in Guangzhous Liwan district, said.
High-tech helps spot distracted driving in SW China city更多>>
It used to be the case that we would give magnesium sulfate to pregnant patients with dangerously high blood pressure through injections, but now Ive learned that it can also be given safely through a glucose intravenous infusion, says the 26-year-old medic doctor. 2015-6-31 
Yemeni Foreign Minister Abubakr al-Qirbi this month had asked for the release of Osama family members, saying that the family members are innocent and should not be punished for what Osama bin laden had done. 2017-11-2 
The walk is about 3 km, but because it is a winding path, it feels much longer. 2016-5-5 
BEIJING - It would be futile to use human rights as an excuse to undermine the peaceful development of relations between the mainland and Taiwan, a mainland spokesman said Wednesday. 2017-8-4 
Nanfang Talent Market, the biggest job market in Guangdong run by the provinces labor department, organized a total of 159 job fairs from January to June, a 4 percent reduction from the same period last year. 2018-4-21 
The most famous example of such a process is the Agricultural Revolution. 2016-4-22 
The new logo and painting will be first applied to a Boeing 777-300ER, joining the China Eastern fleet this September, while changing of the entire visual system will be complete over the next five years. 2016-1-22 
  62-year-old cleaning street for 14 years更多>>
6 in February-a reading above 50 suggests expansion while one below indicates contraction. 2019-4-18 
BEIJING - There is less than 30 days till the ninth BRICS summit in Xiamen in September when the organizations role in global governance, a faltering economic recovery and setbacks in globalization will be the issues of greatest concern. 2015-10-19 
You dont have much leeway of pricing if you keep selling other companies products. 2017-9-16 
6 recorded in February and staying above the boom-bust mark for the eighth month in a row. 2018-12-22 
[Qiu Haiying/asianewsphoto]. 2015-2-2 
In response to online critics, local railway police insisted that purchasing tickets from unauthorized agencies is not allowed. 2017-10-9 
The automaking industry is among the potential sectors in which foreign companies can invest in Dalian. 2019-4-16 
Jackie Chan launches Olympic music week更多>>
XIAN - Another rare leopard, one of the worlds most endangered species, has been killed in Northwest Chinas Shaanxi Province, local police said Friday. 2018-11-18 
The ministry will host a two-day meeting of BRICS trade ministers in Shanghai on Aug 1-2 before the BRICS Leaders Meeting to be held in Xiamen, Fujian province, in September. 2016-2-23 
The British government believed that this would give the Kurdish Peshmerga forces additional firepower in order to help them defend the front line, protect civilians and push back the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) advances. 2018-2-11 
Shen said the media should try to grasp the need for balance between public expectation and the judicial trial. 2017-7-25 
Manufacturing enterprises should strengthen their vocational technical training for employees, said Liu Hong, a researcher from the Central Institute for Vocational and Technical Education. 2017-7-18 
It is invading coasts of Qingdao and Rizhao cities, both in Shandong province. 2015-9-7 
These meetings focused on international financial and monetary policies, reform of global financial institutions and world economic development. 2015-10-23 
Beijings Sinovac Biotech Ltd. 2018-12-24 
  Brooklyn Beckham shares family photos on Instagram更多>>
The enhanced recruitment system of foreign talent will be widely applied in universities, to help graduates find jobs and companies to hire high-tech overseas professionals, said Chen Hao, the deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Organization Department. 2017-9-19 
I was at the roadside giving drivers a thumb-up, she said. 2019-7-13 
Member of Jury Joan Chen (R) poses on the red carpet during the Birdman premiere and the opening ceremony of the 71st Venice International Film Festival on the Lido island of Venice, Italy, Aug 27, 2014. 2018-7-27 
The citys name is a combination of Wuda and Haibowan, two major mining districts. 2018-11-1 
52 billion, chiefly because of declines in spending on Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, a State Department official told reporters on condition of anonymity. 2017-11-8 
He invited other Islamic groups, such as the Moro National Liberation Front, which opposed the deal, to join the new Bangsamoro political entity. 2016-2-20 
Zhou is in stable condition. 2019-3-28 
The three-day visit will also see Morales traveling to Southwest China to watch the launch of Bolivias first communication satellite on Saturday, which China helped build. 2018-9-1 
China reports fewer coal mine accidents in recent years更多
CPC seeks happiness for the people wholeheartedly: Xi更多
  At least 67 people have been killed in the past three days of violence in central Kiev, the Kiev City Administration said Thursday. Shin speaks at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2015 event in New York August 13, 2015. Most of the discussion is centered on the emotional or sentimental aspect of eating dogs, said Zheng Zhishan, a program officer with the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The smaller building bears a striking resemblance to the official residence of presidents of the United States. Premier Li Keqiang called on Shaanxi province to make the most of opportunities to further open up, as China promotes the Belt and Road Initiative, in a panel discussion of National Peoples Congress deputies from the province in Beijing on Thursday.
  Yet the money problem doesnt seem big enough to say no to a second child. Meanwhile, the rate per km after the first 3 km will rise to either 2. Sun Jianguo, deputy chief of general staff of the Chinese Peoples Liberation ArmyConstruction on territorial Nansha Islands is not targeting any countrySenior Chinese officials have spoken harshly about US interference in the South China Sea situation as China talked about its commitment to regional stability at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore over the weekend. Visitors watch a dancing robot during an electronics and information fair in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, on Thursday.